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LEAP’S PRESCHOOL [18 months – 6.5 years old]

We offer Playgroup sessions and an enriched bilingual Preschool curriculum from SINGAPORE!

KIDSNETIC™ ENGLISH ENRICHMENT [2.5 years – 7 years old]

The LEAP KIDSNETIC™ programme will help your child enjoy learning English and achieve total literacy success!

YUE DU FANG™ CHINESE ENRICHMENT [2.5 years – 7 years old]

The LEAP YUE DU FANG™ programme will help your child enjoy learning Chinese as they pick up foundational skills here!


What we do The School Holiday Programs provide engaging and stimulating activities for children. As well as fun activities, it also provides an environment that encourages children to meet and make new friends. Our programs We offer a diverse range of activities appropriate for the age of the children attending and the season in which […]


Mr. Jackly & Mrs. Jany

Well, we are very happy about the school especially our daughter Janice. She is very excited. She seems to enjoy the school very much. And sometimes even have problem taking her home because she always wants to stay at school. So what do you like about this school? Janice : I like it because I […]

Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Caroline

Ok. So we are the parents of Siegfried, which is in N1 right now, and when we joined Siegfried to this school, he was so very active guy but in terms of socializing, he still lacks of a lot of social skills that he needs to build because he is the youngest of the two […]

Mrs Michelle Huang

Ever since my son has (sic) joined the class, Kiron is able to speak better and pronounce the words confidently, although he is just 2.5 years old. He has also developed an interest in the activities and songs conducted by Teacher Desmond. He is also able to communicate well with my son and is very […]


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers that have been teaching Audi, especially Teacher Siti and Teacher Angelene who see Audi grow up. It took myself weeks to think whether to pull Audi out from the class, but due to some changes we need to shift Audi to weekdays playgroup. […]

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