Founded in Singapore, LEAP SchoolHouse specialises in PLAYGROUP, PRESCHOOL and ENRICHMENT programmes for children from as young as 8 months old up till 6 years old. At LEAP SchoolHouse, our team is dedicated to provide only quality education from Singapore as well as conducive and thoughtful learning environments to stimulate learning. The first LEAP SchoolHouse was established in 2009 in City Square Mall (Singapore), popular to many expatriates families. Today, LEAP has 8 centres located in Singapore and China, and our ninth and newest centre will be launching in May 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Combining teaching methods from the UK and America and adapting them to meet Singapore’s high education requirements, our Language Arts literature-based teaching approaches will make learning always an enjoyable experience for the child!



Ms. Esther Lim is the Founder of LEAP SchoolHouse and the Curriculum Director of LEAP EDUCATION GROUP, which manages both LEAP KIDS Preschool and LEAP SchoolHouse from Singapore.

Holding a Master Degree in Education (NTU/NIE), Esther has over 17 years of teaching and training experiences under her belt. Starting off as a teacher, Esther worked through the ranks, and was appointed the Head of Department (English) for a local primary school in 2004 to oversee the development, implementation and assessment aspects of the subject area. In 2007, Esther joined the Curriculum Planning and Development Division Unit (CPDD/MOE) under the Ministry of Education  (Singapore) to help conceptualise and develop the curriculum for the primary unit.

Her experiences led her to see the need for a good  preschool that is able to bridge the gap between the  existing kindergarten and primary curriculums, and also one that can provide quality language programmes to help children develop strong literacy skills. Hence in 2009, she established LEAP SchoolHouse to be the answer to these needs.



Sandralyn has been involved in education for 34 years. She has taught at and was Principal and Director of a number international school throughout the world. Along with her teaching experiences Sandralyn has been honoured with a number of awards like the Australian Teacher of the year and International Teacher of the year. With her wealth of experience, Sandralyn now plays advisor to various schools around the world.



TRIANDY GUNAWAN – graduated with a Golden Key award in Bachelor of Computing from Monash University, he then also graduated with a Distinction from Beijing Language University. Having built towers of BTS, he continued to towers of Gunawangsa Apartments – now being a prominent Property Developer in Surabaya. Having a passion for Entrepreneurship, Triandy now LEAPs into Education with LEAP SchoolHouse, with a vision that Education is key to build a better future for the society.