Dear parents,


Welcome to Leap SchoolHouse Jakarta for early childhood education. We have committed ourselves to give best early childhood education for young learners. We believe that children are curious, active and competent learners. Our focus as educators is to facilitate authentic learning experiences through fun learning and quality learning processes. Learning should be a fun process involving plenty of laughter, engagement and active participation for every child. We build characters and provide holistic development for lifelong learning.

Children are at the very heart of the school and we believe that they should learn and achieve across a whole range of areas includes authentics and creative expression, discovery of the world, language and literacy, motor skill development, numeracy, and also social and emotional development.

Our core values include building a love for learning and reading in children, providing a nurturing and safe environment for growth, advocating for best practices and quality education, and the last involving parents in every child’s learning journey.

Our vision is inspiring winners for tomorrow and our mission is creating a community of learners with a love for reading and learning. Together with our mission and vision, we hope that every child will be a confident learner, a self directed individual and active contributor.

We have a wonderful school community; teachers, children, staff and parents to assist all children learn best. We believe that school-parent partnership is crucial and we welcome parents to be involved in their child’s learning. This strategy allows parents, children, and school community actively involve and participate in the school events and activities. Through partnership we continue to enhance and collaborate with school community to implement the school programmes.Weconsistently build communication between parents and school and provide feedback to help the school improve and grow better.


Mr Harry