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Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Caroline

Ok. So we are the parents of Siegfried, which is in N1 right now, and when we joined Siegfried to this school, he was so very active guy but in terms of socializing, he still lacks of a lot of social skills that he needs to build because he is the youngest of the two brothers. And he was quite selfish at the first time. And when we joined him he still showed of selfishness but as the time goes by we see that he learned more to socialize to other people and he learned about how to mingle with his friends. We see that there are a lot of progresses in him and he can now share with his brother. Before he didn’t want to share with other people not even us as parents. But he didn’t want to share anyone. Now we see that he is willing to share even give more from his food and snacks. We see that he build a lot of confidence as well. He was a confident boy before, but when meeting new people, he was still afraid.

Since we joined Siegfried to Leap School, we experience how he became very quick to familiar himself with new people. So, I think that is positive part of him. He is now more outspoken than before. In a way, he is very talkative and gets more talkative now but he knows how to build his words well and he knows how to put himself in social situation, so he does not dominate when he is talking. I guess Leap School has made a lot of progress only for within past few months and I am looking forward to more progress from our son by joining Leap School.

Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Caroline | Parents of Siegfried